Matthew Blaauw

My name is Matthew Blaauw. I am the Principal of  Hazeldene Primary School in  Circuit 4 Metropole South. I have 28 years of teaching experience. I  became the principal in 2007. 

I have a passion for Sport and have become known due to my running of school sport, especially ensuring that Sport programmes are rolled out in our marginalised schools as I believe that a “child in Sport is a child out of Court.” and that Sport is a positive outlet for our learners and could aide in the self confidence and self-worth which is so lacking in our learners at times due to their difficult circumstances in which they find themselves.

 I have been active first in the MP and Nyanga, Gugulethu, Phillipi, and Crossroads Area and then later within the Southern District. 

I initially became part of the PPA;  partly due to my belief in its founding doctrine and also to use the skills I developed as a sports manager to assist my fellow schools. 

When a vacancy caused the exco to reshuffle portfolio’s I became the Deputy President and with all this trust now bestowed on me, I regard it as being one of the most important portfolios I have ever had the honor of holding. It is my hope to still do much to assist and strengthen our schools during this challenging age in which we live.