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Founded in 2012 to help combat the ever dropping standards of South African education, the Progressive Principal’s Association (PPA) has spent the better part of the last decade dedicated to ensuring that all students under their banner get the best in education and study.

Working alongside parents, government officials, corporations, NGOs and NPOs, the PPA spans a massive 130+ schools all across the Western Cape
(and beyond) and regularly touches the lives of students with a board of principals and teachers dedicated to guiding the future with a calm, steady hand.

Every student deserves the best. It is our duty (as teachers and leaders) to ensure they grow to their potential.

Riyaad Najaar — Founding Member
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Vision Statement:​

Its intention to form a Principals Organisation based on the following principles:

  • supporting and creating a truly non-racial, non-sexist and democratic education system
  • the levelling of the educational playing fields i.e. equal numbers of teachers and nonteaching staff across schools as well as the provision of equal physical and sporting infrastructure at schools firmly on the side of the poor
  • support to like-minded principals, teachers, non-teaching staff and students
  • holding the National and provincial education department accountable.