Progressive Principals Association

Committed to supporting and creating networks for our member Principals, upskilling and mentoring ALL our staff and creating opportunities for the holistic development of ALL our learners

About the PPA

Founded to help combat the ever-changing educational landscape plaguing South Africa, the Progressive Principals Association (or PPA for short) has spent the better part of a decade on the front-lines, made up of concerned and dedicated principals and staff who wish better for their students and children, especially in our marginalised schools. Working alongside NPOs, sponsors and other bodies, the PPA has 

touched the lives of tens of thousands of
students across the Western Cape of South Africa and beyond- with an
ever-growing membership in a continuous fight for better education,
educational access and educational standards across the whole of
South Africa.”

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Message from Ms D. Petersen (President of the PPA)

It is privilege for me to serve as the head of such an illustrious principals’ organisation.   

An organisation which serves primarily the poor and marginalised schools.  It is a daunting task to be the president of an organization serving over 200 member schools. However; as a result of the cohesiveness amongst principals, the ability, openness and frankness to share good practices, networks and offering of support to each other, my task has been made easier.  The support and willingness of executive members to contribute as a collective and work as a team also makes this possible.  

I have inherited an organization with a good constitution and I will do everything to uphold the tenets of the founding constitution of which the 

goal primarily is to ensure that we support schools to deliver quality teaching and learning; despite circumstances and contexts. 

Our primary interest and concern are the children and everything standing in the way of giving our learners this quality education should be fought and brought to the attention of the education authorities as well as the unions who recognise and appreciate the role the PPA is playing in our schools.  We have had a number of engagements with the HOD of Education to highlight issues affecting our schools.  We will not stop intervening to make our voices heard on all educational, political and other forums who act counterproductively to our goals and constitution.  

I thank you for the opportunity to serve you and hope we will go from strength to strength.  

Our students, our children, are our future. It is for that reason that we fight – to ensure that their future, the future of South Africa, continues on bright- so that they continue on, strength to strength.

Riyaad Najaar - Founding Member

Member Overview

The membership of the PPA has evolved over the years, with members of all walks of life joining forces. 

In Memory Of

This section is dedicated to the brave and amazing members of our board no longer with us – whose diligent work and impact in the education and schooling sector can still be felt. Though they may be gone, they will never be forgotten.

Matthew Blaauw
Served : 2012 – 2023

Desmond Williams
Served : 2012 – 2022

Keith Riddles
Served : 2012 – 2022

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